Workshops / Devotional offerings

Enjoy a wide range of workshops from a traditional  to contemporary styles.

The workshops will deepen your  practice and expand your knowledge allowing you to develop and grow on a spiritual level.

We have a wonderful web of teachers from Bristol and from our Bhakti Yoga family all over the country!

Please see below our offerings and go to the calendar to book your place- each workshop is booked with the workshop leader.

  • Kirtan

Madheva & Guna - More details to follow soon.

  • Women Healing Voices Circles 

With Eloise Adams at a community garden.

  • Fire Ceremony 

With Dr Kamraj / mobile offerings.

The fire ceremony is inviting all the powers of the five elements 

Welcoming them and cleansing them

We feed them and then worship them

The fire we create is the core of the ceremony holding the space for the other elements 

We ask all the elements to detox, we ask all the elements for blessing and to spread the healing vibration 

The prayers are inviting our ancestors and guru’s

The Ganesh mantra is for initiation and clearing obstacles 

The Shiva mantra is for the 5 elements 

The Shakti mantra is the power of the 5 elements 

Then we sing the healing and protecting chants in preparation to send off the elements 

Offerings : 

Black sesame is for the clearence and detoxing from within us- taking the negative energies away 

The Ajwain is for the positive vibration 

The bindi is the blessing from the fire holding all the healing energies 

Milk water turmeric 

More details TBC very soon. 

Please contact Eloise for further information on the above

07742 829021